AquaGuard 5000 Application Recommendations

For Concrete, Plaster, and Fiberglass Swimming Pools and Spas

The makers of AquaGuard have put together this step by step process covering AquaGuard 5000  application recommendations for your swimming pool refinishing project. Simply download this PDF or view in your browser to make sure your refinishing project goes smoothly and yields the professional results you desire. This  document  has  been  prepared  to  establish  acceptable  practices  and  guidelines  for refinishing your pool or spa using the AquaGuard 5000 epoxy  coating  product. These  recommendations  are  intended to assure  that  the  restoration  of  the  swimming pool  or  spa  surface  will  meet  the  manufacturer’s  criteria  for proper  application. The  procedures  outlined  in  these  apply  to  all  concrete, fiberglass or plaster surfaces.

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pdfPDF  DOWNLOAD AquaGuard 5000 Application Recommendations

The  Applicator  assumes  all  responsibility  for  proper  safety  procedures,  surface preparation  and  application of AquaGuard  epoxy  lining.  The  applicator  shall indemnify  and  hold Aquatic  Technologies Group, LLC harmless  from any  claim, action, damages,  liability  asserted  by  any  third  party  against Aquatic Technologies Group,  LLC because  of  any Aquatic Technologies  Group, LLC product used  by  the Applicator,  and  Applicator  shall  maintain  coverage sufficient  to hold Aquatic Technologies  Group,  LLC harmless  under  this indemnity