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Do It Yourself

AquaGuard 5000® is a superior high performance epoxy pool coating considered by many professionals to be the best of its kind. The price to have a contractor refinish your pool often runs over $4500. You can resurface your pool or spa with AquaGuard yourself and save up to 70% of the cost. The ease of application makes it simple for anyone to apply. Its resistance to pool chemicals is so effective that AquaGuard 5000® offers a 10-year warranty. To order AquaGuard 5000® and refinish your pool visit our Do It Yourself website.
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Pool Contractors

If you are a contractor who is ready start resurfacing fiberglass, steel, and concrete swimming pools you should consider turning to a proven industry leader. AquaGuard 5000® unique epoxy fiberglass coating process outperforms and outlasts any other pool-resurfacing product available today. If you would like to start offering your customer the highest quality, dependability and a unmatched 15-year limited warranty pool finish contact Aquatic-Tech the manufacturer of AquaGuard 5000® at 1-866-485-0086
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Pool Stores

If you own or manage a swimming pool store you should consider offering your customers and pool repair contractors AquaGuard 5000®. You will be the only pool store in your area that will have the unique opportunity to sell our products. You will have no investment or inventory to carry. We will drop ship directly to you or your customer’s location after you have completed the sale. If you would like to find out more about offering AquaGuard 5000® contact Aquatic-Tech or call us today from 9am to 5pm at 1-866-485-0086
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Pool Resurfacing and Pool Refinishing

AquaGuard 5000®
AquaGuard 5000® pool refinishing stands out.
AquaGuard, is the #1 product for restoring swimming pools and spas. Our company has 43 years of experience developing products for refinishing and restoring swimming pools with AquaGuard.
AquaGuard products offer the highest State of the Art epoxy coatings and pool resurfacing material. Thousands of homeowners all across the nation have restored their pools to look better than new. AquaGuard is used to refinish fiberglass, concrete, plaster, block and steel swimming pools. Our products have been used to refinish all types of pools and spas, for both residential and commercial use. AquaGuard has restored pools for the Navy Seals, YMCAs, colleges, schools and resorts.

This superior product is easy and relatively quick to apply. All AquaGuard products come with step-by-step application instructions. You can also call our product support hotline at 1-866-485-0086 and a trained representative will be happy to assist you.